Saturday Seminars 11.30am – 12.30am

Joanna Lees Robinson – ‘Getting Excited about Intercessory Prayer’

Jo has spent the last year working as an Intern in the Diocese’ Younger Leadership College, serving at Trinity Church Nottingham. Before that she studied Theology at the University of Nottingham and went on to work and serve in a Church on an estate in Nottingham for 3 years. Growing up as a child of a vicar, Jo has seen many expressions of church and spirituality. She has enjoyed the adventure of drawing from these different expressions in her own walk with Jesus and in leading others towards him. She is married to John, a nurse at the QMC and in September Jo will begin her training for ordination in the Church of England.

David Emmerton – ‘Knowing the Time and Telling the Time’

The Apostle Paul writes that ‘now is the time of God’s favour’, and that in this time the church and her members are to be ‘Christ’s ambassadors’. But what does it mean to be an ambassador of Christ? What is this time that Paul speaks of? And how is it related to being followers of Jesus today? This seminar seeks to address these questions by offering a wide, deep, and life-giving perspective within which to situate and understand Paul’s teaching – a perspective which simply seeks to be obedient to the words that Jesus taught us to pray: ‘your kingdom come…on earth as in heaven.’

David is Principal of the School of Discipleship in the Diocese of Southwell & Nottingham. Before coming to the Diocese he was a Teaching Fellow in the Divinity Department at Aberdeen University where he also undertook a PhD in Systematic Theology under the supervision of Professor Tom Greggs. He has served as a member of clergy in the Diocese of London and prior to ordination he worked as a solicitor for Freshfields Bruckhaus Deringer. Outside of theology and the church his interests include Liverpool FC; wine; golf; his wife, Naomi; and his two young daughters, Lois and Sophie-Joan (although not necessarily in that order…)

Anna Alls and Will Foulger – ‘Growing Disciples in Different Contexts’

Anna is Growing Disciples Priest based in rural North Nottingham, building a new worshipping community in the local miners welfare. Will is based at Trinity Church Nottingham, church plant based in the centre of Nottingham. Together they’ll share what they’ve learned about building christian community and encouraging people to explore their faith, in two very different contexts.

The worship band + tech team, helping you explore what could be possible in your church?

Sundays Seminars 9.30am – 10.30am

Ed Walker from Hope into Action

Jesus was and is Homeless.

He was born in a borrowed stable, homeless; lived as a refugee, homeless; had no-where to lay his head, homeless; was buried in a borrowed tomb, homeless. We worship him on a Sunday, then can ignore him Monday to Saturday. We, the church, have billions £ worth of loaves & fishes. Enough to provide every homeless man and women with a home. We also have something far more precious than that: love. Just imagine what our God could do when we bring him both. More than you can imagine. Hear how Ed has grown a movement where more than 50 churches are running over 57 homes for the homeless and in so doing: meeting and serving Jesus, in multiple guises, today. The Guardian newspaper thought it was the best housing project in the country…..why not come along and see what you think!

David Emmerton – ‘Knowing the Time and Telling the Time’

Beth Yearsley Programme leader for Younger Leadership College

Beth has huge experience in working with young people, through YLC, Navigators and local theatre, she’s going to share some of her passion for Jesus and experience of working with young people with us this summer at Transform Weekend.

Fi and Mike Shouler

Fi is vicar of Selston and Westwood, and Mike and accountant, together they’re using their experience of parish ministry to help and encourage local churches to develop prayer ministry.